We are listed as an Official Supplier for PPE equipment for the Ontario Government. Visit http://ontario.ca/ppe for more information

Helping Canadian Protect Against COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, we have shifted some of our manufacturing efforts to help fight and Flatten the Curve. Our fabrics and materials are sourced from Europe, Middle East, Asia and locally. In order to meet the recent high demand, we have increased our manufacturing efforts in Asia along side our manufacturing here in Canada.

The COGA brand was founded in 1998 starting with our Kids Shoe collections in Asia. Within the last several years, our Kids and Health products was introduced across the European and North American markets with great adoption. 

We believe that customers should get the best quality products at the most affordable pricing.  That is why we only sell online and ship directly out of our fulfillment warehouse in Newmarket, Ontario Canada.  

We are proudly Canadian and thrive in delivering the best products at an affordable price. 

Head Office:

COGA Canada or any affiliated partners are not liable for any health issues which arise before or after the use of our masks. Although our masks conform to most certification standards, we cannot guarantee the protection or safety of our customers. Varying uses and situations can create ineffective protection. Customers are informed to use at their own risk and own personal consumption